Dream Interpretation

"Saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh:  and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams...." Acts 2:17


Have you ever dreamed of these?

These are very common dreams...They all have certain meanings.

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Welcome to Destiny's Gate.  This site is totally dedicated to dreams, their meanings, and our Lord Jesus Christ, for whom without we would be totally lost.

We chose the name Destiny's Gate because it is self explanatory.  Dreams are just a part of explaining why bad things happen to good people and to give us hope in desperate times; as they are now, following September 11.   Things you dream as a child can be foretelling events decades later.  This can give us hope knowing that we will be alive and well at least until the event takes place.

We would like to eventually create a dream dictionary where anyone at anytime would be able to find what their dream means and be able to understand why this is happening.

These are some rough times we are living in and those of us that believe in Jesus need to pay more attention not only to His word, but also to His message through dreams.  According to Joseph, dreams belong to God and He does not want us to look at the past.  Only the future matters.  Therefore dreams do not have anything to do with whether you had a rough childhood or your parents got divorced.  He does not speak to us anymore, instead He speaks in a different language so that anyone interested in proving their faith will at least make an attempt to decipher what He is saying in dreams. 

Emotions are unique to this dimension in which we live.  To God, dying is only a matter of changing us from one shelf to the next.   There are four shelves and we are on the next to the lowest one.  The lowest being hell.  Each of these four dimensions are traveling at different speeds.   This is the way that God keeps the dimensions separate.  The only way one dimension can overlap into another is if it is His will.  As the Bible tells us about the handwriting on the wall......God being the highest level is traveling at the speed of light.  He is light.  He says no man shall penetrate His heavens.  This is why it is impossible for us to travel at the speed of light, thus making beings from another world just a figment of some movie producer's imagination.

He allows Satan to have his way just so far and then He steps in.  Just as He did in the years prior to September 11.  He has been preparing the United States long before September 11, like giving us President Bush to combat the situation.  Even as far back as the Reagan years He started a military build-up.  He put these men in place solely for this purpose.

Down through the ages He has allowed certain men a glimpse of the distant future for our sake.  Nostradamus was one of these men.   No one really understands his predictions of his dreams.  He probably didn't understand them himself.  He just wrote his dreams down.  Nostradamus made many predictions but one in particular stands out right now and that was there would be a 27 year war.  This coincides with the war on terrorism.  For the past 20 or 30 years I have believed that nothing substantial would happen in the year 2000.  I've believed we need to add 33 years to that prediction because 33 years was the age of Jesus when He died.  This would also make Nostradamus 'predictions of a 27 year war still relevant.

When God looks down on the earth, it is if we are standing still.  Like a photograph.  So He can see things coming centuries down the road.  He is the only one who has this power.   Dreaming is is the only way that He can speak to us directly.  All we must do is listen.  I have devoted my life to understanding dreams and visions and helping any of those who care to know the truth.

Dreams are not always what they seem....For instance, dreaming that someone has died does not mean that the person will die.  This is just one symbol of the dream.  Along with other symbols in the dream, we can piece them together to give an accurate dream interpretation.

Sometimes your dreams can contain embarrassing situations or events.  It is very important that you give us all the information about your dream to get an accurate interpretation.  We do not believe Freud's idea that all dreams are about sex....they are not.

The bible contains symbols for dream interpretation.  I have studied the Old and New Testaments and used this as a reference for dream interpretation for 25 years.

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If you look at dreams scientifically, you're never going to figure anything out about them.  That is why dreams have stayed a mystery since the first human being had a dream.

The Bible says that dreams belong to God.....so why would you want to look anywhere else?  It's just that our lack of imagination won't let us past the point of whatever our five senses can't detect.  That's what makes a genius... someone that can pass that point and see what is behind that closed door.

Dreams are foretelling the future...they have nothing to do with the past.

From the moment you are born, you begin the dreaming process.  Things you do and say even as a child can predict things as far away as your death and all the symbols for every event are in the Bible.

I am not a preacher.....what I'm trying to say is, if you want to learn how to speak French.....you go to France....

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My mother was a great believer in dreams.  I suppose that is where my interest in dreams began.  About 25 years ago.  I became interested in interpreting dreams.  I have interpreted thousands of dreams for family, friends, and co-workers.  When the interpretations proved to be true, people would contact me whenever they had a dream.

Brandee, my daughter, and I have become obsessed with bringing the "Future" to as many people as possible.   We decided that creating this dream site would be the best way to touch as many lives as possible.  We want to bring you the Future....Your Destiny....

Bobby and Brandee
Destiny's Gate

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Some common occurring dreams are dreaming of fire, snakes, death, dreams of borrowing money, being naked, being in school, dreams of being in a bathroom, being in a kitchen, dreams of falling, dreams of someone cheating on you, cars, dreams of deceased relatives, your children, the number 2 and 3, dreaming of flying, being in an airplane, dreams of going up or down stairs (each one has a different meaning).  These are just a few common dreams.  Destiny's Gate Dream Interpretation offers help understanding these dreams.....Give us a try!!!!  You won't be disappointed!


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