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Here at Destiny's Gate, we are a Christ-centered fellowship where Yeshua (His Hebrew name) is the only way of salvation.
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Destiny’s Gate, a Christ-centered fellowship where Yeshua (His Hebrew name) is the only way of salvation. This is not your traditional church of today.


We follow the Word as best we can by a Hebraic understanding and thru the way and customs of the Early Church in the Book of Acts not thru the traditional methods of the current day church.

We observe the 7th day as the Biblical Sabbath. After the second generation of believers the church began to be overwhelmingly Greek and began following the Greek mindset, rather than the Hebrew ways established by God. Antisemitism was beginning to assert itself among the leadership of the church of that day. Even to the point of refusing to receive John the Apostle and casting out of the church those who he taught. (3 John 1:9-10) By the 2nd and 3rd century they began to observe the 1st day of the week as the Sabbath because that’s when the women had discovered Yeshua had risen. And they also stopped observing the Feasts given by God.

Finally after the Council of Nicaea this directive came forth: We also send you the good news of the settlement concerning the holy pasch (Passover), namely that in answer to your prayers this question also has been resolved. All the brethren in the East who have hitherto followed the Jewish practice will henceforth observe the custom of the Romans and of yourselves and of all of us who from ancient times have kept Easter together with you.

Then at the Council of Laodicea they outlawed the 7th day as Sabbath and established Sunday as the proper day of worship of the Roman Church. However the Scriptures never gave us another day as the Sabbath. You can worship on any and every day and we do not condemn those who do Sunday worship, but the Word says: …Remember the Sabbath Day (the 7th day) to keep it holy. So we choose to observe the Biblical Sabbath rather than the traditional church sabbath as our day of worship.

We follow the Whole Bible rightly divided (2 Tim 2:15). When Paul said this to Timothy there was no New Testament. Paul was speaking of understanding what had been completed in Yeshua and what remain in effect of the Torah. There would be no more sacrificial blood shed, His was enough, there would be no more Temple ceremonies and in only a few years no more Temple at all until the time of the 2nd Coming. But the moral law was still in effect…..Paul said that the Torah still would define what was sin. Contrary to what has been taught, the Scripture is clear that Paul and the Early Church followed the Law…Acts 21:24, 25:7-8, 1 John 2:3-8, Matt 5:17-20

We are Kingdom minded and believe that the 5 fold gifts are necessary for the carrying out of the Great Commission and is especially important for the ministry of Kingdom Leaders Eph 4:10-16.

We observe the 7 Feasts of the Lord given in Lev 23. The Lord said these would be forever and the prophets said they would be followed in the Kingdom of Messiah and in the New Heaven and New Earth. They are not just for the Jews but for all who believe. We do not celebrate the traditional church holidays.

We believe in the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit including all His gifts and Fruit.

If you want to know more join us each Sat at 11:00. Everyone is welcome. Following the service we share a pot luck lunch usually around 1:00.

Pastors Jeff, Angie and Ashley Dockery

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